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In a busy little alleyway in Bengaluru, a nondescript restaurant – Sri Siddeshwara – keeps the taste of northern Karnataka alive in Silicon Valley with IT pros from all over the world. The restaurant looks very ordinary and unplanned compared to other chic cafes in the locality in terms of ambiance, but what it offers is nutritious food with an authentic taste of northern Karnataka. Better yet, the meals are moderately priced and frequented by students and young office workers who reside in the neighborhood.

The history of this restaurant began in 2013 when four brothers – Raiappa, Narsima, Prashant and Srisai – migrated to Bengaluru from their hometown of Ainapur in the Belgaum district of northern Karnataka in search of work. Older brother Raiappa discovered his cooking skills and taught the art to his younger brothers who had never tried cooking.

Jolada rotti with chana and curd.

The brothers had the idea of ​​creating a restaurant in Bangalore, more than 500 kilometers from their native village. After taking out a loan from relatives, they rented a store in Venkateshwara Layout in the SG Palya region south of Bengaluru.

It was not easy and they had to face obstacles due to lack of funding and customers. This led them to analyze the needs of their customers and they soon realized that on weekends, young revelers did not come to their store. They needed their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Language was another obstacle for the four brothers because although they spoke Kannada, the clients did not have their North Karnataka accent.

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Eureka! The four brothers decided to start serving traditional and nutritious meals specific to their region of northern Karnataka which borders Maharashtra.

While most of the local restaurants in the SG Palya area served popular dishes such as momos, sandwiches and milkshakes, Sri Siddeshwara began to offer authentic regional cuisine.

The menu includes dishes from northern Karnataka like jolada rotti, avalakki, giramittu, Holige Oota and also other popular food products like idli sambhar, paddu, vada, khara bath and kesari bath. These foods are also very nutritious.

the jolada roti also known as “jolada bhakriIs made with sorghum flour. It is gluten free, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. It has less carbohydrates and starch and helps reduce body heat as the mercury rises very high in northern Karnataka during the summer months.

Another delicious and also a favorite among sweets lovers is Holige Oota made of wheat, jaggery, ghee and some traditional spices like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and fennel seeds. This festive sweet dish, which the villagers prepare only on special occasions, is served daily at this nondescript restaurant. Holige oota is low in calories and sugar. It contains the benefits of lentils like chana dal (Bengal gram), which is an excellent source of fiber and vitamins, and helps boost immunity and help with digestive issues.

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Avallaki, popularly known as poha, is a gluten-free, easy-to-digest dish. It contains healthy carbohydrates, is high in iron, and helps maintain sugar levels.


This ordinary-looking restaurant offers healthier, tastier food at an affordable price than any glass-fronted restaurant.

As in other sectors, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable business loss to the four brothers who run Sri Siddeshwara. For two months, they distributed the restaurant’s food supply to people for free before migrating to their village during last year’s lockdown. As the situation improved, they returned to Bengaluru to restart their restaurant.

So if you find yourself in southern Bengaluru and ready for some traditional northern Karnataka cuisine, hop on an autorickshaw and head to Venkateshwara Layout in the SG Palya area to enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal at Sri Siddeshwara.


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