“Introduce culture, tradition to the young generation”



“Introduce culture and tradition to the younger generation”

Gowda Samaja President Koorana Prakash inaugurates Arebhashe culture camp in Kushalnagar.

Communities should pass on culture and tradition to the younger generation. If we fail, communities will become culturally weak, ”said Lakshminarayana Kajegadde, president of the Karnataka Arebhashe Samskrithi Mathu Sahithya Academy.

He was speaking after inaugurating a camp on Arebhashe culture organized in Kushalnagar Gowda Samaja.

Communities must be culturally strong. There is a need to present the rich cultural heritage to future generations, he said.

Writer Bharadwaj Anandatheertha said communities should also provide a platform for people to bring out their talent.

Gowda Samaja President Koorana Prakash and others were in attendance.

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