This cookbook brings out the forgotten traditional recipes of Tamil Nadu and Kerala


She knew her father, who is an excellent cook, would help her. Not just Tarini, other Millennials in their family also reached out to Sundar for some easy and healthy vegetarian recipes. Seeing how all of the recipe sharing went, Sundar’s wife Jayshree decided to combine all the recipes and publish a book called Tambram’s Recipes.

“For fun, I call my husband The Tambram. Whenever he shared recipes with family members, he used to write down the recipes. I asked him if he would collaborate with me on a cookbook. I thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase this cuisine, which is more than just idli-dosa, ”says Jayshree.

The book answers many doubts of cooking beginners, like how to make the sweetest idlis, how to cook with very little oil, how to make South Indian brunch, etc.

“If the book was for millennials, then everything should be written and presented in a way that they can understand. We paid attention to tone, look, feel, design, language and content. Everything is available in abundance on the Internet. But having everything in one place with lots of hints, variations, and steps would be of great help. We have positioned it as “your secret toolbox”, as a partner for someone who is new to the kitchen or on and off, ”adds the author.

A reader can find a mix of traditional and forgotten recipes from Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the book.

“We wanted to highlight forgotten or lesser-known dishes such as olan, upma kozhakatai, downstream, etc. With the growing trends in favor of gluten-free and lactose-free options, we felt this kitchen supported these ideas. The duo studied several recipe formats and found one that would best suit the target audience.

“We came up with three additions to the normal formats of ingredients, cooking methods and time. We’ve added the tips, recipe variations, and health meter, ”concludes Jayshree.

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