GMB Partners With Acme Hardesty To Distribute BOTANIPLEX ™ Natural Active Ingredients For Personal Care Products


TEL AVIV, Israel, 21 October 2021 j / PRNewswire / – Biotechnology of the Green Mountain has partnered with Acme Hardesty to expand its reach into the US and Canadian markets, providing safe and effective botanical blends for the cosmetic and personal care industries.

GMB has a team of experts in biology, chemistry and traditional Chinese medicine, with collaborations with international experts in bacteriology, dermatology, mycology, virology and medicinal plants. By working together, GMB produces and delivers unique, rich and powerful cosmetic solutions to meet the current needs of manufacturers and end consumers.

GMB works tirelessly to create high quality purified botanical extracts for skin conditions such as acne, eczema and various viral infections. He has developed his BOTANIPLEX â„¢, which includes botanical combinations used to control dermatological symptoms and help the skin repair itself to restore skin health.

Founder and CEO of GMB, Ms. Roni kramer said, “With years of rigorous scientific research and clinical testing, GMB has developed high quality, long-lasting active herbal formulas to add to cosmetic products. Ms. Kramer said, “The increased consumer demand for natural skin care products and the strong partnership between the two companies will allow consumers to experience the healing power of plants from Green Mountain sources.

CTO Dr. Yonit Bomstein Skin disorders result from symptoms triggered by abnormalities in many physiological pathways. According to Dr. Bomstein, plants synthesize a wide variety of molecules that are not found anywhere else. Certain phytochemicals can modulate pathways to support skin function. ”

Dr Bomstein said: “Our ongoing research is aimed at discovering new and better botanical blends that also treat other skin conditions.

Products are available in the United States and Canada through Distribution.

Roni Kramer Founder and CEO
[email protected]

SOURCE Green Mountain Biotech

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