It is the most eaten food on a road trip


We wanted the answer to be Combos. Mr. P of Waconah Regional HS did the same when he phoned Slater and Marjo on Monday morning.

The trivia question was: “What is the most common food eaten on a road trip?” “

Responses included chips, donuts, beef jerky, candy, Combos, and more. There’s just something about Combos and a road trip, right? They are very gas station. Would you buy Combos from a regular grocery store? I bet some absolutely do.

BUF JERKY made the list, but not number one. Have you ever realized how much your breath can stink after jerky beef? It’s super salty and tasty, however.

Donuts and fries were others …

Of course, trail mix is ​​the go-to! For the most part, it’s healthy. Nuts, raisins, seeds and chocolate. The perfect mix of salt and sweet and not a ton of complex carbs.

I had mentioned to Marjo that I had trail mix in my pantry and she was shocked, isn’t that normal? Mr. P from Waconah is part of the Slater team, he also has a trail mix in his pantry!

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