Make a Maine lobster roll


Do you dress the chilled lobster meat with creamy mayonnaise? This is how most people in Maine like to make a dish with lobster. While some call it a cold lobster salad, lobster salad is something a little different. The dish we’re looking for is one where chilled lobster meat is generously loaded into a toasted bun before being finished with a squeeze of lemon, a pinch of salt and a touch of pepper.

Hailing from the roadside stalls and clam shacks of New England, lobster rolls are a special summer sandwich. Lobster roll is one of the most controversial foods because people have different ways of preparing it.

Innovators prefer a tangy, crunchy, and slightly spicy version of lobster salad that includes lemon juice, lettuce, celery and a dash of cayenne pepper. However, purists believe that nothing should interfere with the mixture of tender and sweet summer lobster and mayonnaise. Therefore, they prefer to leave out these extra ingredients.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the classic Maine Lobster Roll Recipe. We’ll take a look at the ingredients, how you can make traditional Maine-style lobster rolls, and what you can pair these rolls with for an authentic New England experience.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make Maine style lobster rolls. With the right technique and a few simple ingredients, you can bring the flavors of Maine’s scenic coastline to your table.


Maine-style lobster rolls are packed with essential fresh ingredients. As we mentioned earlier, you might already have most of them in your kitchen. Probably the best thing about these lobster rolls is that you can get some unique flavors from these few ingredients.

You will realize how easy it is to properly prepare lobster rolls with three main ingredients: buns, fresh lobster meat, and dressing. You can pick up buns made by Pepperidge Farm at a nearby store. These buns are baked with a brown crust on the sides. They hold well and taste amazing when toasted with butter.

Lobster meat is, of course, the main ingredient here. About 24 ounces of freshly frozen lobster meat will be enough to make 6 good lobster rolls. For Maine-style lobster rolls, remember, this is ideal if you can get large chunks of claw and knuckle meat.

All in all, you will need 6 separate hot dog buns (New England style), half a cup of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of salted butter, salt and pepper.

How to prepare classic Maine lobster rolls?

Now on to the easy part. Take a large bowl and mix your cooked lobster meat with the mayonnaise. Add a little salt and pepper, a dash of lemon juice before mixing all the ingredients until the lobster meat is lightly coated.

You should use sea salt butter to brush both sides of each Pepperidge Farm split bun before toasting them in a pan. It will take about two minutes on each side for the buns to turn golden.

Then you will need to open the upper slit roll until you feel like the roll is overloaded. Continue to stack your chilled lobster meat. A fork can also help you grab each piece of lobster meat if it spills over.

That’s it! With these few simple, easy-to-follow steps, that’s how easy it is to make classic Maine-style lobster rolls.

What to serve with lobster rolls à la Maine?

Maine-style lobster rolls are excellent served with lightly seasoned fries or potato chips and coleslaw. You can also accompany it with a cold beer or iced tea.

However, remember that you are looking for something crisp that will not overpower the flavor of the lobster. After all, for a classic Maine-style lobster roll experience, lobster is king!

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