On the food trail: Squid Game drove us crazy from Korea to UAE – News


Posted on October 20, 2021 at 2:47 p.m.

Did the show do the same for you?

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Just vegan. The Just Vegan Restaurant in Jumeirah is the latest restaurant to tap into the Squid game hype and drama of the ‘Sweet and Deadly’ Dalgona Challenge or Honey Comb Challenge. The restaurant introduced a special vegan menu inspired by Green Light, Red Light as well as a full range of products. Enter for a chance to win free merchandise or meal vouchers or both.

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Large supermarkets. You may have noticed that department stores like Carrefour and Lulu all have K sections and today, October 20, hellokfood.me will be celebrating two of Korea’s most famous items: fresh pears and red ginseng. Washing fresh ginseng then steaming and drying it gives ginseng its unique red color. You can consume it with tea or added to soup to increase the health benefits. Check out the aisles now.

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Sumibiya. Experience authentic Korean at Sumibiya along Dubai Creek with unlimited selections of seafood, vegetables and grilled meats to your liking on your table. Embrace the tradition with gimbap, bindaetteok, Korean spicy tofu, teriyaki wings, Gangnam spaghetti and more. It is open everyday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and you can enjoy everything for 199 Dh per person.

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Akira back. Okay, we know this place is more Japanese with a Korean twist, but vegan brand Impossible Foods has just landed there and chef Akira Back is putting his signature “Japanese cuisine made with Korean essence” to good use by serving Impossible. Signature AB Tacos and Impossible Chorizo ​​Gyoza, which are too good to miss.

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ManneLand. One of the OGs and by far one of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai, Mannaland is a Satwa institution. How do we know this? In the past decade, we’ve only been able to walk in and grab a table on the fly once. Try all the dishes you’ve heard of – bibimbap, bulgogi, and fondues – and soak up the atmosphere.

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