Would you pay for a 120 thousand peso burger?


Dutch chef Robbert Jan de Veen has just released a burger that costs almost $ 6,000 (120,897.60 Mexican pesos).


dutch restaurant Dalton , owned and operated by the chef Robert Jan de Veen , added the most expensive burger in the world on his menu. The saucer was called “The Golden Man” because it is covered with a layer of gold. In addition to that, it contains many other gourmet ingredients, which gives it a value of $ 5,900 (approximately 117,000 Mexican pesos).

The idea was born because the chef needed a new challenge after his country’s gastronomic events and competitions were canceled due to COVID-19. From an early age he dreamed of breaking a Guinness ECORD r, then he decided to find a way to do it. He saw that the most expensive burger in the world at that time was in Oregon, cost $ 5,000 (about 100 Mexican pesos), and was a “monstrosity” of 350 kilograms. The man decided to beat the price with an individual burger, basing the value simply on the ingredients.

Robbert Jan de Veen / Image: via www.de-daltons.com

This is how the creation of ” The golden man (The golden boy) began, which in addition to the golden layer is served in a capsule with distilled whiskey smoke to imbue it with flavor, beluga caviar, Spanish ham and other international ingredients. . The chef says it took him nine hours to get ready. All the money from the first burger sold was donated to the Dutch food bank which was tasked with helping those affected by the pandemic.

The first person to taste the dish was the president of the Royal Dutch Food and Meals Association, Robèr Willemse, who greatly assisted the tourism industry during the economic crisis of last year.

Robèr Willemse / image: via www.de-daltons.com

These are all the ingredients of “The Golden Boy”:

  • Dom Pérignon champagne infused bread
  • Tiger tomato marinated in Japanese matcha tea
  • smoked duck egguf
  • Cucumber in vinegar and Japanese matcha tea
  • White truffle
  • Wagyu Beef A5
  • Kopi Luwak Coffee BBQ Sauce
  • Acorn ham
  • Slice of roasted onions with Dom Pérignon
  • Cheddar cheese
  • King crab cooked in Puligny Monrachet
  • Beluga caviar
  • Macallan whiskey smoke.

Image: via www.de-daltons.com

Do you want to? To test it, you have to put it aside two weeks in advance and pay an advance of $ 855 (about 17 thousand pesos).

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