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A view of Porto’s waterfront area can be the perfect invitation card for entrepreneur Mario Ferreira’s latest tourism project, starting in the business world with river trips to Touré and expanding his entrepreneurial activity to sea trips. , For hotels, real estate and more recently the media, with the acquisition of TVI. But even the unique and beautiful houses that have attracted so many tourists in recent years cannot cope with the negative effects of the epidemic in this area. However, The Lodge decided to face the wave and opened the door to its 119 luxury rooms a year ago, built on a site once occupied by the Port Wine Cellars of Real Cambania Velha in Gaya.

Beyond initial expectations, the hotel has traveled with epidemics of fluctuations, fluctuating aggression rates, and as a still half-planned group, with inherent uncertainty as to the spread of the virus in markets despite procedures. vaccination in Europe. Challenge – England, Germany, France, Spain, North America and Brazil. The attributes of the investment’s success, valued at over 30 million euros, are rooted in the architecture and design of the space, inspired by the theme of wine and a strategy based on the Portuguese identity. As all of this finally passes and the time for family celebrations and New Year’s joy approaches, the lodge is already making plans for Christmas and New Years, where Restaurant D. Mary will find the main location.

Royal and Portuguese seal

While waiting for these celebrations, the five stars engraved on the facade, under the copper letters that make up the name The Lodge Wine & Business Hotel, are adorned with design materials and materials as an invitation to enter a unique environment. And tones marked by photos of port wine cellars. Cork, barrels, vintage baskets, vats, leaves on trunks or vines are the raw materials that inspired designer Nini Andrade Silva to create various decorative elements for the hotel’s public and private spaces. The lodge is a musical instrument for wine, with a special focus on the Douro wine region, and in this chapter it serves as an exhibition space for some photographs from Century Photography Bellasa’s collection purchased from many years by Mário Ferreira.

The rooms and cabins – 67 Superior, 38 Deluxe (all with river views) and seven Deluxe Terrace, two of which are equivalent to the so-called Presidential Suite – are also due to the alcoholic atmosphere. Completed by a careful selection of products made in Portugal. As Jonah Bimenta from the hotel’s sales and marketing department points out, the sheets, towels, mattresses, tubes, cutlery or utensils are all products from renowned Portuguese manufacturers.

According to the story, the author of the first Portuguese cookbook was Infonde DD, the hotel restaurant named after Maria. National identity extends to Maria. The restaurant area, the door of which is open to the public – there is even a direct entrance for guests who do not want to pass through the hotel – is a tribute to traditional cuisine, with a menu highlighting regional cuisine. . Travel style from Porto, veal catfish confetti, ribbon mash or prisco abate pudding simmered with Tras-oz-Montes sausage rice, all covered with a touch of modernity. The menu is eye-catching for families, but it can be served in one of the two separate rooms that make up the restaurant (20 and 30) suitable for personal events.

As part of being the king of wine, the D.Maria restaurant currently has 300 references from north to south of the country, including the islands, and a few brands of champagne to delight all palates. Under this theme, the Lodge Bar completes the offer with a variety of cocktails, including five aged and indoors and wine tasting.

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